• Multiple failures by company testing for legionella bacteria

    by KIRSTY LAWRENCE Dean Sturzaker contracted Legionella bacteria from Fonterra WorkSafe says a testing company failed in its duty as an employer after 13 people contracted legionnaires’ disease or pontiac fever at the Fonterra Pahiatua site. One self-employed contractor from […]

  • New controls over dust from construction sites

    Construction projects must now prevent the spread of piled materials onto nearby properties and keep the ground moist to control dust and dirt. Ronald Reyes/The Tico Times Costa Rica’s Health Ministry approved a new regulation requiring construction companies and contractors to reduce the […]

  • Control Measures Critical for 3D Printers – NIOSH Research Rounds

    An industrious college student recently made the news for straightening his own teeth with braces that he made on his school’s three-dimensional (3D) printer. From braces, hearing aids, and prosthetics, to military equipment, the list of products that 3D printers […]

  • Renewable Jet Fuel Could be Growing on Australia’s Iconic Gum Trees

    Australia’s economy may have ridden on the sheep’s back but the colonies’ first export was actually Eucalyptus oil. From a small batch of oil distilled from Sydney peppermint gum sent to England by First Fleet Surgeon-General John White, an industry […]

  • Are CFL Lights Going the Way of the Dinosaur?

    By E2 Energy Advisors Dallas, TX. Febr. 2, 2016- Recently GE announced that they will no longer be manufacturing or selling compact fluorescent bulbs. These previously popular bulbs which were once all the rage and featured on Oprah are now being […]

  • World’s largest air purifier takes on China’s smog

    by Sophie Morlin-Yron @CNNTech July 1, 2016: 6:57 AM ET When artist Daan Roosegaarde visited Beijing in 2014, he was inspired by what he didn’t see. From his hotel room on the 32nd floor, his view of the sprawling Chinese […]


    Mobile app intended to show consumers the basics of a healthy home WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development today unveiled a new mobile app to help educate the public about hidden home hazards that can impact […]

  • Landlord: so-called mold expert “nightmare” tenant

    http://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/i-team/154695282-story By: Randy Travis Posted:Jun 06 2016 08:05PM EDT Updated:Jun 06 2016 11:14PM EDT Gainesville, Ga. – She thought she’d have no trouble one day selling her 10,000 square foot home in a gated community, complete with a beautiful view […]

  • Why the Historic Deal to Expand US Chemical Regulation Matters

    BY Moms Clean Air Force on June 9, 2016 This excerpt was written by Jeff Tollefsen for Nature: Nature takes a look at the implications of the historic deal, which will give the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) new power to ensure that […]

  • Validate personal air-pollution sensors

    The greater availability of data on air quality has gripped the public, especially in heavily polluted cities such as Beijing. Alastair Lewis & Peter Edwards 06 July 2016 Alastair Lewis and Peter Edwards call on researchers to test the accuracy of […]

  • NZ bans imports of nearly all products containing asbestos

    SUSAN EDMUNDS Last updated 14:35, June 15 2016 Photo by David Unwin/Fairfax NZ Asbestos can cause major health problems for people exposed to it. Imports of products containing asbestos will no longer be allowed, the environment minister says. The importation of […]

  • Multinational company defends its use of ozone gas

    ServiceMaster says ozone generators ‘a necessary part’ of wildfire cleanup CBC News Some workers for the Fort McMurray wildfire cleanup say they were exposed to harmful ozone gas and other unknown airborne contaminants while working for a restoration company called […]

  • Top 6 Construction Safety Tips!

    Construction is a hazardous industry that encompasses a wide range of activities involving construction, alterations and repairs. Examples include residential and commercial construction, bridge formation, roadway improvements, excavations, demolitions, and large scale painting jobs. Construction workers employed in these activities […]

  • Mold: Taking a Closer Look at the Concerns

    You’ve likely heard a bunch about indoor mold over the past several years–from deadly toxic hysteria to total dismissal by purported experts. Both camps appear to have vested interests in promoting their positions, and commercial or residential consumers are often […]

  • Indoor air quality issues from Safety + Health

    The indoor environmental air quality at your workplace can be affected by a number of factors, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states. These factors include caulks, sealants and coatings; paints and varnishes; wall coverings; cleaning agents; carpeting and […]

  • Asbestos: Hidden Secrets, Killer Lies

    By Linda Reinstein, Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) “Each year, ADAO dedicates April 1-7 to increasing awareness of asbestos and preventing exposure by bringing together experts and victims from around the world to share, learn, and take action. Although there […]

  • Oslo votes to slash emissions 95% by 2030

    Oslo, Norway (Pic: Pixabay) Published on 23/06/2016, 5:17pm Norway’s capital announces ambitious carbon cutting plans with a car-free city centre and clean energy buses topping the agenda By Ed King Oslo city council will ban cars from its city centre by […]

  • Do Electronic Cigarettes Pose Legitimate Health Concerns?

    Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are battery-operated devices, originally designed to resemble conventional cigarettes, which deliver a nicotine-containing aerosol (aka, ‘vapor’) to users.  Worldwide, the usage of e-cigarettes has exploded since they were first developed by a Chinese pharmacist in 2003.  The […]

  • Final agenda for the NAS Microbiomes Meeting

    Final agenda for the NAS Microbiomes of the Built Environment Meeting on June 20-21 Please find the final agenda for the NAS Microbiomes of the Built Environment meeting on June 20–21 at http://nas-sites.org/builtmicrobiome/files/2016/05/1_Agenda-formatted.pdf. You will be able to access the […]

  • Formaldehyde Off-Gassing from Laminate Wood

    Cinnaminson, NJ – WEBWIRE – Tuesday, July 5, 2016 A little over one year ago, the CBS news program 60 Minutes reported that a major flooring retailer was selling a Chinese-produced laminate wood flooring product that released elevated levels of formaldehyde. 60 Minutes tested […]

  • Duct Leakage: Aeroseal Provides an IAQ Breakthrough

    The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 2 out of 3 indoor air quality problems involve the HVAC system – both the heating and air conditioning side of the equation as well as the more obvious component involving ventilation. […]

  • GrayWolf AdvancedSense® BE Portable Air Quality Meter

    GrayWolf Sensing Solutions of Shelton, CT, USA, introduces the new AdvancedSense BE, a rugged, simple-to-use, multi-parameter environmental meter. This purpose-built instrument is suited for both walk-thru surveys and for trend-logging over hours/days/weeks/months. Use it for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Industrial […]

  • Zehnder Announces the New ComfoAir 70 ERV Unit

    Homes are being more tightly built than ever to prevent air leakage and promote energy efficiency. High humidity levels can encourage mold growth, and indoor pollutant levels are commonly two to five times higher than outdoors, compromising health. The new […]

  • Particles Plus Launches 5301-AQM Air Quality Monitor

    Stoughton MA – April 18, 2016 – Particles Plus announced the launch of their new 5301-AQM and 5302-AQM Air Quality Monitors. Their small size and wall mount design lends to fixed installations for high accuracy air quality investigations. The instruments […]

  • Vancouver BC Becomes Newest IAQA Organization Chapter Group

    ATLANTA – “A great team expecting great things” sums up the enthusiastic attitude of the newly chartered Vancouver Chapter of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA). Vancouver and Los Angeles are the two newest chapters for IAQA, which now has […]

  • Healthy Home Evaluator (HHE) Second Pilot Certification Now Available

    July 6, 2016, Malta, NY – In the beginning of April, BPI launched the first form of the Healthy Home Evaluator (HHE) credential pilot exam at the ACI National Home Performance Conference in Austin, TX. This first form has been completed in the […]

  • Home Performance Coalition Awards Grant to Efficiency First for an Executive Director

    June 10, 2016 – Washington DC and San Francisco – Today the Home Performance Coalition (HPC) and Efficiency First announced the award of a grant to Efficiency First to fund an Executive Director. With this award, Efficiency First will be […]

  • The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA)

    Founded in 1974, the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) is today the region’s leading membership organization promoting sustainable energy practices in the built environment. We, as professionals in the fields of renewable energy and building, embrace whole systems thinking as […]